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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Philosophy on love...

Class was interesting last night. Only 3 out of a normal group of around 10 arrived. The evening was probably one of the coldest in some time so maybe that was a factor. I know the day was particularly slow for me at work and by the time 6.15 came around I would have preferred to have been at home.

Having said THAT it was also the best class so far. We spoke more on love and the natural occurrence of love between people. That when people first meet, before the prejudice and preconceptions kick in, our natural tendency is love. It is an interesting concept. What we need to do is give up those things which cover up the love; likes, dislikes, attitudes, demands, expectations. In reality it makes good sense, it is a simple practice which will require some conscious retraining of the mind.

As the evening progressed, the smaller group allowed an intimate and trusting space to share our thoughts. Shari spoke of a personal situation with her daughter, Maree contributed with a relevant story about her day and Tery (true to form) shared some of himself. I also shared in the conversation. David (the ever thinking analyst) finally felt it all come together. His smile lit his face.

As the group was so small, I think we all shared a little more than we would normally. By the end of the night, David thanked us all for contributing to his epiphany, and Tery sat smiling as we said our good-byes for the week. As always he sent us on our way with practices to follow for the week ahead. We all left feeling lighter and warmer.


brandy said...

Nice! I love those classes where you really see people as individuals who have stories, not as people who step on your bag to their seat. Glad it went well!

one little acorn said...

I am loving the weekly classes and the challenges it presents. And yes - the group is part of the magic. Thankfully no bag squashers in this lot!