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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Abbotsford Convent Sunday Markets in the sun...

Under the sunny skies on Sunday, I met with Nikki and wandered the creative hub that is Abbotsford Convent. The skirt and shirt makers market, the gallery and a makers market were all sharing the space and we wandered quite happily, chatting along the way and enjoying the Sunday atmosphere.

We recruited a few more bloggers (we should be on a commission) and met some lovely crafters and artists. What a perfect way to spend a few hours immersed in all this creativity.

I even took photos to share and link to... And then (tonight) disaster. Whilst I did a clear out of my SD Card, I managed to corrupt my card and lose everything... BEFORE I downloaded the new pics! Not happy about that at all...

And so, in the absence of images, please go and have a look at the websites I link to below... there are some amazing and inspiring artists out there (think I might have to go back to take some more pics next time).

Thanks Nikki for your lovely company. Call me anytime you want to go again!

Nikki (my lovely wandering and blog recruiting companion)
Elise Hurst (I just love her illustrations)
Jan Bell (soft sculptor - hopefully she has a blog up and running soon!)
Shoko Mafune (I love her ceramics and especially her hug bell) and she does classes too!
Wendy June (Such magical drawings)

And because I don't have any images from Sunday at the convent, I have posted a pic I took a few years ago at Mt Macedon.


DaughteroftheStars said...

Thanks for the great post, I love hearing about new places in Melbourne I am yet to discover. I think I'll have to pay their farmer's market a visit.

Nikki said...

'Twas a grand outing! What a bugger about losing all your images.

Shall hopefully catch up soon...

little red hen said...

'Tis a sad thing to lose all your pictures but a good excuse to repeat the outing!