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Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday funny... Husband Makes Lunches For Work...

For the first time in their 3 year marriage, a wife asked her husband if he would mind making the next day's lunches for them both. Obligingly he agrees.

The next morning, the young wife asks her loving husband, 'Did you make our lunches, honey?'

He replied, 'Yeah babe, they're on the second shelf of the fridge.
Mine's on the left, yours is on the right.'


*For those non-Australian readers, yes, these are our bank notes. $20 (as you can see) is bright orange, $10 is blue, $5 purple-ish, $50 yellow and $100 green.


little red hen said...

I love it. Thanks for the giggle! This is the kind of lunch that my high school children prefer- they usually get the blue ones though, or purple if I can get away with it!

trasha said...

Too funny.

Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Love it!

Umatji said...

great - I hope you spent it on something delicious!
oh and my verification word is wisfe - is that what you call a wise wife?