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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Luna Park Fun... how can it be called the scenic railway, when your eyes are tightly shut?

My Christmas gift to my cousin Jen and her 4 kids was to take them to Luna Park. It took a while, but we finally made it today.

I was determined to be brave and go on everything they did. No backing out. If I was scared, there was no way they were going to know a thing about it.

All good in theory, until we went on our first ride. Violet (the second youngest) was with me and I could feel her heart beating as she sat snugly against me. She asked me to hold on to her tightly. No problems, I thought, just who's holding on to me?

When we got off just two short minutes later, she was fine. Said she had a great time. Me on the other hand... my face was pale and sweaty and I am told I looked rather sickly. And I sure as hell felt it!

I don't remember the ride's name...
I call it the nauseator.
Two words...

Stunning day of sunshine and craziness.
And just in case you are wondering?
No. I didn't.
Not after the nauseator.

I did however, manage the Scenic Railway. The rollercoaster that has been scaring people witless for generations. What I don't understand is the name... yes I know it's high, I know it runs the border of the park, I know the view stretches to the beach and across the entire park... but how can it be called scenic, when your eyes are tightly shut?

Dodgem Speedster Monty.
You're never too young, or too old for the dodgems. So much fun, even for me at 42!

G-Force. And in the background, just part of the tracks for the Scenic Railway.

There were smiles all round.

This is the crew.

It was always going to be fun, with such a crazy bunch!
Thanks guys, I had a great day.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one exhausted at the end of it all!


CurlyPops said...

Phew! What a day...it must have been really hot and sweaty on those rides. I think I'd stick to the merry go round hee hee

trash said...

Looks like a brilliant day out. My kids were fascinated by the scenic railway when we went past it Christmas 2008. Although not enough to want to actually go on it.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fantastic day! Haven't been to Luna Park since I was a kid... looks like so much fun.

Malcolm Garth said...

Great photos... Now tell the truth... Did the nauseator get you? Did it? :)

PS: Your word verification word this time was underdi... Not sure what Di would say about that?

DaughteroftheStars said...

I love, love, love Luna Park. It adds so much charm to St.Kilda, glad you had a good day.
P.S. spinning rides make me feel sick as-well, I can completely understand why you'd give the ride that nickname.

Crayon Chick said...

Phew, I don't do fun park rides very well at all. In fact, on a bad day I don't even cope with a set of escalators! Lovely to hear from you today, the fabric panel I used in my cushions came from Patchwork On Central. I bought them at the end of winter for my summer project (as you do!). Fingers crossed they are still there!

flossy-p said...

Gulp, I'd be right there, pale and pukey, right next to you. Glad you all had so much fun though. great idea for a Chrissy present!

p.s. Thanks so much for your comments yesterday. They really helped. Yes, Renee is a good friend to lots of us. I know you and her connected too. So Hugs back to you too .xx.