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Monday, 1 February 2010

When fortune calls, offer her a chair...

For many months now I have not been a regular blogger. In fact, I have been more regularly absent than here. It's a shame really, because I do love to blog and I enjoy the community that is out there and the friends and inspiration that I have been lucky enough to find along the way.

And whilst I may have been quiet on the blogging front, I have been doing bits and pieces in the background. Made a few things and been inspired by others. Though not enough. So this year, I plan to turn it around and post more often. And create more often.

One Little Acorn is set to become more a focus on what creative things are going on with me. Little things mostly... but as we all know, from little acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

And so, first up, is my 'new' chair.

The set of four chairs were rescued by my Mum a couple of months ago, when they were being discarded by her local golf club, because they were below par! (sorry, just a little bit of very silly golf pun humour there!)

They were in good condition and my Mum (despite her knowing they would land at her place for a while) knew that I would like them and asked if she could have them for me! Yay Mum!

Of course, the covers were not totally to my liking, given they were little flowers and pastel in colour and so a refit was definitely required. So last weekend, they got the makeover treatment. With the help of my Aunty, we recovered two of them and they look fabulous (if I may say so myself)!

Now I just have to get them up to Melbourne in the back of my mini and settle them into their new home. In the meantime, they are sunning themselves down by the beach. Thanks to my Mum for her quick action and my Aunty Nancye for her incredible patience and advice.


Holly said...

Looking forward to reading more of your crafty exploits this year. Especially more furniture restoration - that chair looks stunning! I'm jealous! I'm sitting here in my ratty chair, giving a quiet sigh as I look at that vintage lovely that will be coming to live with you. Enjoy it!


CurlyPops said...

Isn't it amazing how true classic pieces of furniture end up getting discarded. Thank goodness they were rescued.

I love old chairs, and I used to be quite obsessed with constantly bring random old chairs home to fix up...hee hee.
I'm looking forward to many more crafty posts from you this year.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That chair is lovely! I need your aunty around here - I have a chair waiting to get done... actually it's been waiting since before the bub was born, I bought it to be my feeding chair.

I look forward to having you back and seeing all your crafty adventures!

LesleyG said...

That is really great! Good for you-- I look forward to seeing more creativity as I'm so lacking in that area myself!

Nanny Pumpernickel said...

oh wow that is a true gem!I also would like to say how happy I am you are in blogland:)

Umatji said...

good good and good. It will be great to have more inspiration from you! Great chairs as well...

Nikki said...

Hooray! I love happy upholstery stories! (Hmmm....that reminds me to blog a few of my recent upholstery transformations...).

Hooray for having a studio space and feeling the joy of creativity, too!

Crayon Chick said...

And here you are, online! It's lovely to find you here. One of the best bits about the weekend market was saying Hello to people I'd met before, I'm always flattered and joyful when people share stories with me. Good luck with those chairs, they look heavenly.