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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Celebrate the cauliflower...

I must celebrate the cauliflower, embrace the eggplant, applause the asparagus, praise the pumpkin, relish the radish, love the lettuce, admire the apple, cherish the celery, idolise the iceberg, honour the oat, worship the watercress, like the brussel sprout, adore the bean, applaud the capsicum, appreciate the aubergine, approve the chickpea, cherish the corn, credit the carrot, delight in the broad bean, endorse the lemon, fall for the fig, glorify the guava, go for the greens, hail the mango, honor the broccoli, idolize the grape, marvel at the banana, moon over basil, prize the pea, respect the strawberry, revere the cashew, treasure the turnip, value the almond, wonder at the walnut, adore the avocado, worship the coconut, appreciate the apricot, favour the paw paw, respect the cabbage, bless the beetroot, ritualize the peach, prefer the parsnip, glorify the grapefruit, laud the leek, elevate the plum, marvel the mushroom, idealize the lemon, immortalize the peanut, endorse the garlic, commend the cucumber, encourage the endive, advocate the kale, back the passion fruit, champion the cherry, choose the courgette, encourage the pineapple, toast the tomato, go for the gherkin, OK the orange, pick the pepper, prize the potato, regard highly the squash, root for rhubarb, sanction the sweet potato, support the suede and salute the spinach.

Above all - I Must value the vegetable and favour the fruit!
Woo Hoo!

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Malcolm said...

Hmmm!? This actually explains a lot! LOL