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Monday, 14 May 2007

Little Miss Cinta

This week-end saw us visiting Point Lonsdale and my Mum and Dad. We celebrated (in the form of coffee, cake, breakfast by the beach and other treats) Mother's Day. It was a lovely week-end. The weather was fine during the day and cool enough to light the open fire at night. A perfect combination. With hot chocolate and a shared block of Cadbury's it doesn't get much better.

I gave Mum a frame with 3 photo's. Me and my 2 brothers. All in school uniform and all taken at around the age of 13. Shiny hair, lightly tanned faces and white teeth. Not a bad looking bunch really. The frame came up well. And I think she was happy with the gift.

As I had promised myself, I sewed my own 'Miss Buttons' from the kit I bought from 'Sew Your Own'. Mum was there watching and rescuing when assistance and advice were required. The sewing machine has never been my best friend. It is a fine line we walk between success and frustration. This may well be the result of attending a school that prided itself with continuing more masculine teachings long after becoming a co-educational college. How can it be so easy to sew one bit of lace to absolutely NOTHING at all! Now, if I could sew with a hammer or chisel I might be an accomplished seamstress!

There was success in the end and well... here she is. (Thanks Mum xxx)

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