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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Torture by Cake

No people, I am not talking about being beaten up by a boston bun, or violated by a vanilla slice. This is not donut danger, crucifixion by carrot cake or assault and buttery. I am talking about torture by temptation.

I am on the track to slim and slender. I am feeling strong. But then, as if to twist the knife of sugar cravings ever deeper, work delivers a tray of sandwiches and cakes for everyone's enjoyment. I am strong. I am. Really. It is however, a difficult path. Yes, I could eat the curried egg and lettuce or the roast beef and pickle sandwiches. Yes, there are a few rambling grapes on which I could graze. Yes, there is even a strawberry or two. BUT THERE IS CAKE, and who wants the other stuff, when there is CAKE?

It is torture and I am not as strong as I had hoped. I weaken. Give in to temptation. I take a small piece of coconut slice, followed by a covert cherry tart. Later a slice of apple crumble crosses my path. Carrot cake is my final crime. But (I convince myself) at least I did health - all fruit and vegies. I am told I should eat 5 serves of vegies and 2 of fruit each day. Only a few more left! It can't be all bad... surely.


Ish said...

Cake is definitely my favourite kind of torture.
If it is self inflicted it should be enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

After a printing session at Laser Image there was a half hour wait before delivery and Panache is quite handy. The coffee is a reward and so was the large slice of Sticky Date Cake (heated) and with generous cream and slice of orange. Torture? ....No Way...Dave.