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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Postcard art

I stumbled across a pack of blank postcards in a local art shop on the week-end. It is a small and achievable canvas on which to play. I have done 3 already - 4 if you count the one I don't like. They are all different. Just a little bit of fun...

Watch that post box. You never know, one might arrive with unexpected greetings.


Joe said...

Nice blog Jacinta, I love the name.
Looking forward to reading more of your posts, your writings are always enjoyable and very entertaining to read.

Duncan said...

Lovely to read all about your life, Cinta.

We only knew you briefly as a baby and

it is great to catch up with you.

Your Mum and Dad were so proud of you....

looking forward to reading more of your

interests and escapades. Coral.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful Cinta - and inspirational! Congratulations - you are now a published writer and photographer! AE

one little acorn said...

Thanks to you all (Joe, Coral and AE - I know who you are!) for your encouraging comments. I am really enjoying the play and the opportunity to write and add pics where I can. If only my free time went more slowly and my computer went more quickly. It is a daily frustration.
I am trying to relax and enjoy what I can and enjoy a bit of calm too. Another lesson from philosophy that instantly rings true but has long been ignored.
Duncan - you have a beautiful blog and I must add it to my favourites. Joe - where is yours, I have high expectations! Athalie - what are you waiting for? It is the perfect way to share your travel stories.

Anonymous said...

Jacinta, mine is an audio blog but I have a forum associated with it. I hope it meets your expectations!
Click here

Wanderer said...
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Wanderer said...

Hello again Jacinta, I was having trouble getting the system to recognise me, apparently I signed up a while back and I had forgotten.

Anyway, you asked about my blog... it's an audio blog available here.