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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Festival of the Fortieth birthday...

We caught up with friends Tim and Andy on Friday night. I travelled through Africa with Tim (and others) about 19 years ago! He travelled with a mate while his girfriend (Andy) stayed in Australia for work. At the end of our trip, she was waiting for him when we arrived in London.

I have kept in touch with them - they live only about 15 minutes drive from me - and we generally catch up a couple of times a year, exchanging emails at other times for snippets of news. They are a great couple and always have entertaining stories to tell and wise words to share. Within minutes of our arrival, they had filled glasses and offered me a toast of good health and happiness in honour of my birthday. And so, the festivities began.

Andy believes (as I do) that a birthday is worth celebrating. She has a policy of stretching out the revelries for at least a week. I like her way of thinking... For a big birthday (such as 40!) her approach is to mark the occasion with a festival. Two weeks of entertainment and fun is her recommendation! So I have decided to take her advice. Two weeks it is!

And so, it started there and then, and will now continue until November 4th finishing with my party. A tad over two weeks if the truth be known, but who's counting anyway! From Friday night, the celebrations moved to sunny Point Lonsdale. Saturday night we shared a family dinner - roast lamb, with all the trimmings followed by golden syrup dumplings (my choice) as a special treat. Excellent. Thanks Mum for the great meal and everyone for the great company.

In reality I am expecting a pretty relaxed birthday, but it will not go unnoticed. Tomorrow is my last full day in my 30's and there's no turning back now. There will be cake to enjoy! No doubt about it.

It's time to party people!
Welcome to the festival of the fortieth birthday.


Ish said...

Glad to be part of the celebrations - or maybe I could claim to be the cause of the celebrations. Take it easy and enjoy or you might feel 40 plus after 2 weeks of frivolity.

Malcolm said...

One more sleep! Woo Hoo...!