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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A moment of madness.

Yesterday I registered for the Sussan Women's Fun Run.
Sunday 2nd December. 10km.
It was a moment of madness.
I got a bit excited.
There was an option of 5 or 10kms.
I can run 5kms now and I decided I needed the challenge.
So it had to be 10.
No time to hesitate, I logged on and registered.
Committed? Yes!
Should I be committed?
I have never done a fun run before.
I have always said fun run was a perfect example of an oxymoron. Wondering a little about the moron bit right now...

Having said that...
I am determined to do it.
10 k i l o m e t e r s...
It sounds such a long way.
I have never run that far before.

My training buddy is confident.
She already has the training schedule.
Unfortunately she is unable to run on the day.

Thankfully I have convinced Heather to register too. We will do it together. Slow? Perhaps. And I'm OK with that. I can deal with slow. We are both pretty determined women and whilst I am under no illusions it will be a long run, we will make it.


Malcolm said...

I'll wait at the end with a bottle of cold water and a towel, I'll even drive you there. I am also qualified (although a little out of practice) to give you a massage afterwards, should you need it?

brandy said...

Good for you! What a great opportunity to push yourself, and for a worth while cause. I'm rooting for you!

JustRun said...

I, of course, find this very exciting! Yay! I'll cheer you from over here. :)

Anonymous said...

Go Girls!!!!
Good on you for having a go.
December Fun Run sounds HOT!
We have to have our local fun run in August and that can sometimes be a warm day for runners/walkers.
We will need photos too please.

one little acorn said...

Thanks guys for your encouragement. It will certainly be a challenge and your support will be there helping me along the way.

As for the photos... be warned now, it could get pretty ugly!