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Friday, 5 October 2007

Whatever makes you happy

Do it. Life is too short.
Find something today you really want to do - something you really love - and do it. Dance, eat chocolate, sit in the sun, read a book, go fishing, go for a run, walk along the beach, talk with friends, share a drink, meditate, phone your best friend, sing, rejoice. Laugh.

Today is Friday.
Do whatever makes you happy and forget the rest!

What is it that makes you happy?
Friday night with friends is something that makes me happy.


JustRun said...

Excellent idea for a Friday!
Of course, as I type it is still my Thursday, but that doesn't mean I can't look forward to it. :)

three buttons said...

What makes me happy is receiving birthday invites in the mail : )

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Luhlahh said...

I have celebrated Friday by making cheese scones and eating them with leatherwood honey!

Ames said...

Hey Cinta, such a funny topic as Mick and I are sitting here and Bali and realised we've done nearly everything you listed in the last week! Hope you are coping in the office and I'll be back on deck soon. Having a brilliant time here, can't wait to tell you all about it! h and I even too some great photos, can't wait to share!

brandy said...

I love this post! And even though I'm reading it on a Tuesday, I'm going to take full advantage of your advice and do something that I love today- have an afternoon nap. I'm so excited!

one little acorn said...

Just run - thanks for dropping by again. It's already Friday again and I'm just updating. Hope you got to do something special. Your blog is looking great by the way.

Three buttons... isn't it amazing getting something in the post - it seems like a real treat. Glad you can make it. See you there!

Luhlahh - those scones sound great. And with Leatherwood honey ... mmm.

Ames - I have no doubt you are enjoying a wonderful holiday in Bali... I am seriously wishing I was there to share an umbrella cocktail. Enjoy and see you soon.

Brandy - hope you got your afternoon snooze. There is nothing so decadent as a Nana nap. Bliss.

Liss said...

oh i love this post...it really toched a spot in me thats was like "your right...do something to make you happy"

hmm so what makes me happy....reading a good book at a cafe with a good supply of coffee. ah I shall do just this !