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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Go ahead... make my day!

If you have dropped by on this auspicious day and read this post, it's time to say hi. Lurkers - it's time to jump out of the shadows and leave a greeting. You don't have to be a blogger to leave a comment, just press "comment" as the bottom of this post - It's that simple. Heaps of comments for my 40th birthday. Wouldn't THAT be great.

Yes. Today is my 40th birthday.
It IS a momentous day for me.

It's strange and exciting and amazing and bewildering and I wonder how it is that I am 40. It sounds so OLD.

When I was a teenager I thought 30 was so far away, and 40? well I saw 40 as the beginning of the end. That was the time when people were working for ever-more in their chosen careers, with families and homes established. Lives would be pretty much routine. Destinies chosen, options limited.

Now I am here, I see it completely differently.

It's true - I don't like the extra wrinkles, but I am happy to say I can attribute most of them to a lot of laughter. I don't like the fact that my thirties are over, not because I am getting old, but because, as I get older and I see more clearly, I see I have so many more things I want to do. And whilst I feel that I am running out of time, I really don't mind being 40. It's the place to be. I still have SO much more to learn.

At 40, I am happy to say I don't care so much about what other people think or do any more. I now realise it is more important how I act and how I treat the people and the world around me. I now see it is important to do the things that make me happy. At 40, I am trying not to torture myself over things I wish I had (or hadn't) done. I am working on being more creative and following what my heart tells me, trying not to overthink everything so much.

There are SO many things for which I am grateful and proud. I am healthy and fit and live a busy life that continues to challenge me. Life is good and exciting and still holds many opportunities and surprises. So, being 40 is pretty good really. And lets face it, it's a damn sight better than not being here at all!


Anonymous said...

Whoooo Hooooo
Have a great day girlfriend.

Malcolm said...

Happy 40th Birthday Cinta! Now that it has finally happened you can get on and enjoy it. Have a great day. XOX

Ames said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous Cinta!!! You look radiant today, 40 really suits you. You always amaze me with your love of life and willingness to jump into anything and have a go. Thanks for being a truly inspiring friend. xoxoxox

Smiler said...

I'm so glad you popped by and said hello today!

How's that? And puh-lease, 40 isn't old. 40 is the new 30. You know that, right? I look forward to my forties. It'll be... I think, being able to focus on what really matters. Something like that. Coming into that second adulthood I've read about. Some people make it there, some people never reach that level of maturity and understanding. Seems to me like you 're well on your way. The Third Eve (on my blogroll) has something on the topic. A book review. I'll give you the link if you can't find it. Speaking of blogrolls, what a lovely surprise it was to come over here and see that you've put me on yours! I've been browsing around here and it's put a smiler on my face (I'm not actually ALWAYS smiling you know...)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oz. I have relatives there and a sister in law who lives in Melbourne.

I DO ramble on don't I???

Lovely to meet you (handshake or hug? - hug, since it's your b-day and all)

I'll be checking in!

Retired. said...

40 is not a stopping place.
Pause and thoroughly enjoy the celebration.
I congratulate you and wish that you have a wonderul day to celebrate such a milestone birthday.
You have touched us all with you magic wand.
Step out and continue being you.
Happy Birthday 'Cint. oxox

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Birthday.!!!!
Yahoo another 40 year old. I love this time in my life. I feel I've got to the "I'm not going to take crap anymore" part in my life.
I'm on my own and 41 and finally loving every minute of my life.
Hope you have a great day/evening.

Wanderer said...

Happy Birthday Jacinta, seems silly to say since you are happy every day!

As for hitting 40, it's nuthin' and even 50 is a breeze as long as you think young and keep your health, both physical and mental.

Now where did I leave my medication...

ish said...

Try #2
Happy, Happy Birthday.
May it be a day to remember and while you are about it remember:
40 is the age to be
40 is when everything falls into place
40 is great
40 is exactly right for you
Enjoy, enjoy.

three buttons said...

Happy 40th Birthday Jacinta! Let the festivites begin!!

brandy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I remember you talking a few months ago about your 40th birthday coming up and now it's here! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love, laughter and cake.

HippieChyck said...

Happy Birthday! I'm finding that every year post-30 has been better than the last. Totally coming into my own and being the master of my destiny, etc.

Here's to you!

Duncan said...

A Happy Birthday from the Ben Cruachan Blog Cinta, best wishes for the future.

JustRun said...

Happy Birthday! And thank you for your message on my site, too!
I think 40 is going to be very good to you! It is the new 20, I hear. :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy 40th Birthday from Michael & Danielle! Enjoy the play from the still point of the turning world...

Lou said...

40 seems like a great age to be, I will be 40 in 3 yrs and I like what you wrote about the benefits of getting to this age - like caring less about what people think etc. Hope you had a great birthday.

whitney said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for saying things that need to be practiced at any age - and I wish I had learned some of them sooner. Have a great Birthday Week, as my husband calls it.

emma said...

BRING IT ON, I say..But let's just see what I say in 8 months when the reality begins to sink in.
Congratulations on reaching this milestone with such good grace. From your blog I guess that's the way you approach most challenges.
Happy Big Birthday from Emma

Lilli boo said...

Happy Birthday..It's wonderful to read that you have embraced reaching forty with such ease and grace! Any number reached is a milestone to be celebrated. I hope your still celebrating too! Look forward to reading about what else you got up to in your birthday week!

one little acorn said...

Woo hoooo indeed! What a great day!

Mal - I agree - time to get on and enjoy it.

Ames - thanks for your comments, that's a great compliment! So so kind.

Smiler - 40 the new 30? Funny thing is, that's exactly how I feel. Will definitely check out the link you recommended. Thanks for the smiles and the hug!

Retired - the celebrations are continuing and I am definitely enjoying them! Magic wand hey... still in training, just a bit of fine tuning required!

Thanks Fiona. I agree - no time to stuff around with the crap. Time to live and love life. It is good a good place to be.

Wanderer - It's easy yes and I'm with you, keeping active is the trick.

Ish - Thanks for your love and best wishes.

Three buttons - the festivities continue - see you Sunday!

Brandy - It was fantastic. And there was cake. In fact if the truth be known there was lots of cake (and laughter). Thanks for your greetings.

Hippychyck - I agree - definitiely getting better every day. Cheers!

Duncan & Coral, thank you for your good wishes and dropping by and saying hi.

Just Run! Really? The new 20? I'm getting younger with each comment! This is great! Happy birthday to you too. 23rd October is a good day. Cheers!

Michael and Danielle. Still trying to slow down to pause. Lots of reflection and lots of good things to come. Thanks.

Lou - Enjoy. It's a great time to find the important things. Every day is a new start.

Whitney - yes I wished I had learned a lot of them earlier too. Loving the bithday fortnight (2 weeks) the celebrations continue all the way to this Sunday. Hey - I'm 40. It has to be celebrated in style!

Emma - thanks so much for your kind comments. The big 40 comes around quickly, but I am finding it's all good. Sure you will too.

Lilli boo - Will be posting more updates of the celebrations. Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes.

Cheers All!