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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

How far have we come?

Last week I was at work when my boss walked in and informed a workmate that the tyres on her car looked flat. The two front ones, he claimed, were looking like they needed air... urgently.

"How do I do that?" came the reply.

I was not alone when I took a quick inward breath! We all looked at her in disbelief. She didn't know the last time the tyres had been checked, though she did know she had never (I repeat NEVER!!!) checked them herself!

She protested, with a smile on her face, exclaiming that she did know how to check the oil and the water and surely that was better than nothing. And yes, we had to agree, but we all asserted it was time she learnt how to check a tyre's pressure and pump it up if necessary.

My boss came to her rescue, offering to take her car and drive to a local service station to check and fill the tyres to their recommended pressure. I did suggest she go with him, but she wasn't too bothered, and he was fine with the arrangement.

Just for the record the tyre pressure was low... the recommended level was 32 and they were at 18. Thankfully she is now driving in a safer car.


Malcolm said...

Oh my!?!

one little acorn said...

hmmmm... not much more to be said really. Aye aye aye.