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Monday, 15 October 2007

It's a small world...

Skeleton Lovers
Madeleine Stamer

I often do random searches of blog sites and when I come across a site I like, I bookmark it and revisit. Sometimes it becomes a regular read, other times an occasional visit. I wonder sometimes at where I find them, but with a method of random searches and cross searches, it is a game of chance. I have stumbled across some real gems from all around the world and as a result I have a HUGE list of blogs in my bookmarks.

A few weeks ago now, I was surfing down my list and clicked on a site I hadn't visited for sometime. "On my Desk" is a UK based site that profiles artists, illustrators, designers and creative folk (from all over the world) and shares the stuff on their desks. For a curious (nosey) person such as myself this site really appeals.

As I was having a browse, a piece of artwork caught my eye and I visited the artist's website; Little Circus Design. Having decided I liked some of her work, I checked where she lived and it turns out she is less than 3o minutes from my home! Amazing! I find her on a UK based site, and we both live on the other side of the world in Australia in neighbouring inner city suburbs. I emailed her, we arranged to meet, and yesterday we met (she is really nice and so relaxed) and I had a look at her artwork. I bought 2 of her pieces. It is perfect timing for my birthday as Mal is buying me one and I am buying the other.

Here is one of the pieces... it's called "Skeleton Lovers". It probably won't appeal to everyone - it's a bit quirky - but I really like it. She sells her originals and then same size and A3 limited edition prints. Check her out here if you want to see more of her work.


Wanderer said...

A small world indeed, did you know that, at the moment, searching for "one little acorn" in Google returns this blog as the number one spot in the listing?

Experts aim for this all the time and anything on the first page is regarded as a success but the top spot is a real win, well done Jacinta!

Malcolm said...

Good on you for the number one Google spot! Yay for One Little Acorn!

JustRun said...

It's a small world after all...


one little acorn said...

Joe, Mal and Justrun.

These comments alone are an indication of the small world theory. The whole google thing - Wow, that's pretty cool. Woo hoo

And Justrun - a regular visitor - all the way from the USA. Fantastic.