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Friday, 8 February 2008

9 images that describe me...

A long time ago (way back in September - gulp) I was tagged by Liss at Daydream Lily. I tried. My computer went into major meltdown. I got busy. It got lost in my list of things to do. I got a new computer. At last I got back to it... Liss, I am sorry for the delay. Here it is at last... 9 images that describe me.

1. My mini. I love it. A little impractical perhaps, but I don't care, it's all about having fun...

2. Magnolias in Kew Gardens in London - a favourite haunt when I lived there over 10 years ago.

3. Me and my Mum. I love this photo as we are both having such a fun time together. It's never been any different. I have a great family.

4. Simply beautiful - a shadow that was captured on a week-end trip last year.

5. This is me and Mal on the ferry to Queenscliff. It's a nice relaxed shot of us both.

6. These numbers are old petrol station signs. They are about 3 foot tall and made of metal. I love typography and 3121 is my postcode.

7. Point Lonsdale beach. Very beautiful and it so happens it's where I grew up. It is also where I feel most grounded.

8. My pigeon holes sit on my desk and are filled with a small selection of my collections. Creativity is something that drives me, and each window holds a little bit of inspiration. Even the empty ones!

9. Yes - this is me. Nearly 20 years ago!!! I spent 4 month travelling through Africa. This is my first day in the Sahara. Stunning scenery - and just a little dusty!

If you love the grid of pics, you can do it too... go to bighugelabs.com and sign up. It's called Mosaic Maker. Consider yourself tagged if you wish and make up a mosaic of 9 things that describe you. Leave a comment and I will drop by and say hi.


Jason Belcourt said...

What's impractical about the mini?

Liss said...

yay you did it! Did you have fun? I actually had alot of fun using the mozaic maker, so much that I now do a regular one of my flickr favourites.

love the shadow picture, it looks like a work of art.

Ames said...

Great photos, really gotta get into that mosaic maker!

Especially love the photo of you and Mal, you do look really relaxed and happy!

Malcolm said...

Yeah! What's impractical about the Mini???

It handles beautifully, is sexy, fun, comfortable and is named C1NTA.

And the Mini is cool too!


one little acorn said...


OK. I LOVE the mini.
Impractical you ask? Yes a little...

I can't tow a caravan... and it's difficult to fit a canoo on the roof... and a set of golf-clubs won't fit in the boot... and there isn't enough space when the back seats are down to stretch out if there are no free beds at the inn. Not to worry. I still love it.

Yes Liss - mosaic maker is ACE! I will definitely be using it a lot.

Ames - yes I really like this pic. Very relaxed and happy. And no double chin. That's always a good thing too!

Ah Mal... What can I say, very funny.

JustRun said...

I love this!

boobook said...

I love your car..and this post!
thanks for the comment the other day.
So great to know that I have people looking out for sausage dogs!!
Your right it is a good thing!!
brooke and moca

Rebecca said...

this is really gorgeous - lovely colours and lovely memories too. Thanks for the info on the mosaic maker...I'm off to give it a go ;D