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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

And not a moment too soon...

Last night I had some time where I gathered my thoughts and refocused on a few things I knew HAD to be done. The sort of things I hate to do, avoid like the plague and then, once complete, I wonder at why I have taken so so long to do it. It wasn't as bad as I had expected and the weight released from my shoulders was a relief that far outweighed the effort.

I did a mini tidy up. I collected my paid bills and filed them away. I read and then threw out all the junk mail and uninteresting mail I had collected to "read when I had the time". I answered a few emails, archived what I wanted to keep and deleted the rest. I tidied my desk. Removed the obstacle course that surrounded my mouse pad and made some space for myself again.

I work better in space and without mess. I find it a more calming environment. It causes me far less agitation.

***Nothing groundbreaking and hardly worthy of a post on a blog... (but it's early and inspiration is a little thin on the ground).

All the while I copied files from my old faithful laptop to my new iMac. I transfered all of my personal files and a collection of select music from itunes, I deleted what I could and did a shut down. And not a moment too soon... It was at this point that my little laptop, my trusty (if rather slow) assistant for the last few years, spat the dummy about my new companion and refused to do as I asked.

It didn't shut down. It wouldn't reboot. It put it's head in the sand and refused to respond to my direction. And then it rolled over and lifted it's feet to the skies and died. It's time had come.

Regardless of the fact I have a new computer (that I am very happy with by the way) I feel a little sad at my little i-book's passing. But here's the thing. What do I do with it? It IS possible there is still life, that this is merely a technological tantrum. I do hate to discard it, but then I also don't need it. I had planned to sell it, but in it's current state there hardly seems any point. If it were a horse I would put it to pasture and not send it to the knackery. It would only be fair! But it is a computer afterall.

Any advice?

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CurlyPops said...

There are some charities that collect old computers, fix them up, and then give them to children from less fortunate families (my work used to dispose of old computers this way). Some schools also accept old computers. Your local council may have some more info.