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Monday, 25 February 2008

What's cooking?

Tonight I managed to do a bit of cooking. It's the first time in ages. I have been pretty slack lately. Living in Richmond makes it far too easy to head out locally for a cheap meal and so we've been lazy. But tonight the excuses ended and I made up a pot of my Aussie cassoulet. The pot is bubbling and the smell is throughout the flat and drifting out the open windows and doors.

It is a base of beans and tomato with some kangaroo sausages, chicken breast and mushrooms thrown in for good measure. In the mix is also a splodge of dijon mustard, a glug of red and a few secret herbs and spices. As you've probably guessed, my cooking rarely turns out the same from one meal to the next... Smells good so far. By tomorrow's dinner it will be just right.

My kitchen is still the original from the 1930's - very little has changed over the years. I have dreams of one day upgrading but it has done pretty well for the last 7o+ years and me and my finances are not in any hurry...

These are a few snaps from my kitchen.


Malcolm said...

I left home at 6am and get home at 9pm. All that was left was the aroma of good food... Ah well, at least I know she can cook! :P

three buttons said...

Oh promise you will never update!! It' just gorgeous the way it is!!!

Malcolm said...

I've tasted it and it is excellent!