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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I have been reading this morning about today's historic apology by Australia's parliament for all past wrongs done to Australia's indigenous people. I have read the text of the apology. I have read comments about it's wording and the reporting of praise for it.

Some will not agree with the apology and the term 'Stolen Generation' will continue to be debated long after today's speech. We each have the right to make our own call. For me, I think it is an apology that should have been made long ago. It is an apology that is needed to acknowledge that the 'stolen generation' actually existed and an apology to recognise that families were torn apart and lives forever changed by the very people that should have been protecting them.

At 9am the apology will be read in a nation-wide address by our current Prime Minister.

The media have been discussing it for days. This morning's media frenzy was amazing. I hate morning television at the best of times. It is soft and shallow and inane. And this morning was no different. I was disturbed to hear one reporter describe today as a celebration. Is it just me, or is this patronising and ill informed? Can this be a celebration? I'm not so sure. I can only imagine the destruction and hurt that was inflicted on our indigenous families. I cannot imagine a long overdue apology reason for celebration. Some sort of resolution perhaps. I'm not sure. I don't think I am in the position to know the reaction of those effected.

As for the oposition leaders and spokesmen, do they really support it, or are they just trying to cover all bases? How can Brendan Nelson say he supports it and then label the wording as "trite" and "lacking substance" ???

Liberal leader Brendan Nelson last night confirmed his party's backing for the apology, despite misgivings about the term "stolen".

On a positive note (from The Age website):

Mick Dodson, co-chairman of Reconciliation Australia, led a chorus of praise by indigenous leaders. "I am inspired by this apology as an act of true reconciliation towards indigenous Australia," Mr Dodson said.

"It allows us to move forward with honesty, an acceptance of shame about parts of our history and with courage, pride, maturity and hope."

I hope he is right.


I have included a link to The Age website where you can read the apology in it's entirity.

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Juddie & Godfrey said...

I totally agree with you... such a deep and terrible history, but with so much potential for positive resolution if people can learn to open their hearts.
Can you believe that the headline news in the Small Paper and on Channel 9 was the injunction against the screening of their stupid tele-drama, on such an important day?