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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

What I miss about London #3...

Of all the things I miss about London, I miss my friends the most.

I lived in a number of houses in London, sharing with as many as 10 other people in Stoke Newington, to just the two of us (me and Al - my partner at the time) in Chiswick, Kew Gardens, Shepherds Bush, Manor House and Richmond.

In such an incredible city, many of my memories are connected with my beautiful friends. Amongst them, we shared a house (and became good friends with) our Brazilian buddies Lucia, Felipe and Monica (and her Pommy partner Robert). We shared home-made chocolate brownies, tv show Friends, a good laugh and a passion for car boot sales! We often ate together, and celebrated many special occasions in their good company.

We had a couple of great parties - this one was a 'crazy' party. We all had to dress up in something 'offbeat'. It was a funny funny night. When they first entered our room - converted into the dining room for the night - we stood and laughed at each other uncontrollably for ages before we all got it together! I couldn't find a photo of me, but I wore a garbage bag with a trim of pegs and a plant pot on my head, complete with plant!
from left, Robert, Al, Lucia, Monica and Felipe.

We don't write often, and even emails are pretty sporadic. Nevertheless, I think of them a lot, with a smile on my face, and miss them to this day.

It happens to be Lucia's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Lucia!


lucia said...

Hi, Cinta
thank you for the surprise. What a nice gift! We share the same memories from the good old times. We have a picture of you dressed up as a plant pot. Will send it to you as soon as we find it, ok?
kisses and hugs,
love LĂșcia

Ish said...

Wonderful memories and wonderful friends.
I remember too.
Happy birthday Lucia.
Love Shirl

Fibo said...

Thanks for all your comments recently it's so nice to meet new people!
I tagged you for the music meme if you want to play along, it's interesting to see what everyone is listening to!

Dees said...

It sure seems like you are a little 'homesick" when it comes to London.I loved visiting London.It is such a thrill to see everything and loved the little shops(big ones too)thanks for sharing and thanks for all your sweetness on my blog!xoxo

Hila said...

Oh I know what you mean - I miss my "roomies" in England too!