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Saturday, 21 August 2010

4 hours to Boston with a singing bus driver...

We arrived in Boston on Tuesday, having sadly farewelled Jim and Cindy and Tanglewood and journeyed 4 hours south with a singing busdriver as entertainment...

Now you may think this sounds horrendous, but really he was pretty cool... He showed amazing patience when one of the passengers realised she had left her purse behind and he turned around and went back, he laughed and chatted to passengers at each new stop as the bus continued to fill to capacity, and he sang a song over the intercom between the movies! I know! Crazy huh?

But do you wanna know what sealed the award for best bus driver in the world? When a passenger asked if they had time to have a cigarette at one of the stops? He said, no... that none of us wanted her stinking out the bus!!! No messin, straight down the line - no.

So anyway, for 4 hours on a bus, it wasn't all that bad, and as I said, we arrived on Tuesday and it's now Friday and this is my first Boston post (tut tut!)

But, before you complain, I have gotta tell you, it's been go go go since we got here... My Mum has turned into the tourist terrorist. What can I say, the teacher in her (and her love for histroy in particular) has come out big time!

She has collected brochures, researched the highlights and the hidden gems and we have attacked Boston with no less enthusiasm than that of a military campaign!

We have walked the Freedom Trail, and been introduced to tales of scandal and rebellion, we have travelled to Salem and mixed it up with the witches, we have visited the MFA (the Museum of Fine Arts), we have trolleyed around the town via Cambridge and Fenway Park (home of the Red Sox!), we have crossed Boston Common in all directions, and watched squirrels, children and baseballers play. We have braved the "T" (Boston's train and subway system) and survived (it's actually very easy) and when we have been lost, or looking confused, others have come to our rescue! People have been friendly and patient.

... we have shopped, and eaten well, and gone to the theatre, and we have crashed every night into crisp sheets in room 515 at The Park Plaza (very nice hotel, thanks very much wotif).

And I am exhausted!

But seriously, life on vacation continues to be a bowl (or should I say, a big handfull) of cherries!* The sun shines brightly, and the breeze is warm. And all goes well.

*Cherries $2.99 per lb... mmm mmm mmmmm (sorry Mum, I just ate the last one!)


LesleyG said...

Sounds just wonderful. I'm so happy you're enjoying!

Lori ann said...

Well my goodness, you have been busy, Maine, lobster icecream, popovers, cherries, busrides down the coast! It all sounds really wonderful, I love New England, but it's been a very long time since i've been. I'm enjoying coming along with you!

Your Mum sounds like a fun travel companion ☺