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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Finding lost friends the old fashioned way...

When my Mum and I first booked our trip to the States, we talked of tracking down Canadian friends that we had lost touch with over 30 years ago. Mum sounded doubtful, I was eager but not too hopeful (I had been searching facebook for them with no luck) and Dad didn't offer much help or advice.

Weeks went by and our departure date loomed, and then, just a week before we left... (seemingly) out of the blue, we get an email from Canada! From the very people we were hoping to see!

Seems technology was not the answer, it was good old fashioned snail mail that came to the rescue... sent by silent Dave (my Dad). Without us knowing, he had penned a letter and sent it away to our last point of contact, with a request that whoever lived at the address (if it wasn't them), that the letter be forwarded to our friends! And so it was... by strangers, by friends, by family, and finally into the hands of our friends.

And the letter was scanned and sent on to children (now adults), friends were reconnected and emails and facebook finally caught up with traditional means of keeping in touch! Who would have thought!

And so. For the last few weeks, Mum and I have been trying to co-ordinate a trip to Canada. Three days ago, it was all getting a little bit crazy. Flights connecting from Boston to Toronto saw us havinbg to fly via Florida!!! Thankfully Sharon came to the rescue with some local advice and we are on the way...

And tomorrow we will be sitting with old friends and sharing a cup of tea over 30 years of memories. Not sure how it will be, but have no doubts there will be lots of laughter and probably a few tears too!

Good one Dad , you are awesome!
And full of surprises!  xx

The photo is from a trip we did together over 30 years ago. I'll update that sometime in the next couple of days!


Jodie said...

Jacinta, I'm really enjoying all this vicarious travel through your trip. I hope you have a great time with your friends.

Red Hen (dette) said...

How wonderful!

Lori ann said...

that's cool. have fun!