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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lincolnville beach, Lobster sandwiches and lots of sunshine... can't beat it!

Yesterday was a day for rest and relaxation for us here. We did a pretty good walk down to the local town and back and soaked up the sun! There was never much at Lincolnville beach twenty years ago that I remember, though it has changed a little since then. The pebbly beach remains as always (of course), lots of stones and only sand when the tide goes out, there is a ferry that goes to the nearby island of Islesboro, a few new shops and about 4 eateries, all offering lobster in all forms from salad and sandwiches to lobster dinners.

Given that Maine is the "lobster state of the USA" it had to be done.

Lobster sandwiches with slaw (coleslaw) and fries was really nice, especially as we ate with a view across the water and sun on our backs. We followed with a trip to Islesboro on the ferry, a drink and ice-cream in the sun sitting with waterside outlook (on those old style beach chairs), a trip back on the ferry, and a pint of soda at the local pub (also new) before the hike back up to home. It was a good day. And don't worry, we worked it all off with the walk back up the hill!


LesleyG said...

I'm so incredibly jealous of that lobster roll. Yum!

trash said...

Seafood is not my best so if I must eat while in Maine I shall being having fries and 'slaw only, which I guess will mean an extra turn up and down the hill for me

Lori ann said...

holiday, lobster, sunshine...oh dear cinta, i promised to be happy for you and i will! heehee.

it's so good to hear the wonderful time you and your mum are having!

oh! my daughter said to me yesterday "have you heard of those pretzel m & m's?" i told her my blog friend just mentioned them and she rolled her eyes. ;)

Ames said...

I don't even like lobster and that looks good! Keep lapping it up!

Anonymous said...


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Hope to hear from you soon!
- Jocelyn