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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Driving on the right side (which for me is the wrong side!)

It's a weird thing navigating a world where cars are on the right side of the road. It's especially weird when there are just SO MANY CARS, and the road rules are different too. To be perfectly honest, I would be quite ok relying on public transport, and in the cities we will. But here on the outskirts of Lincolnville (pop. 2000) public transport doesn't really exist. And so car it is!

Yesterday Jim and Cindy loaned us their car and we set off to local town Camden. I kept telling myself, at every intersection, at every traffic light... drive on the right hand side... stay right... look in ALL directions... double check... Watch the speed limit... stay alert... stay right...

Despite knowing that the gears were on the right hand side, I was continually trying to change gears with my door handle - good reason to keep that locked!! Thankfully the foot pedals are the same and the gears are not reveresed, or I would have been in real strife!

It was quite nerve racking and I can't say I really enjoyed the driving side of it, but it did allow us the freedom to go where we liked and have a bit of a look around without having to disturb other peoples plans.

So, off we went to the pretty town of Camden, where the sun shone brightly for another day and tourists wandered in and out of shops and (you guessed it) more eateries! We met up with Cindy (there for a meeting) and sat by the water overlooking the busy harbour and later lunched in the park at the top of town and watched the harbour from a higher vantage point.

After that we took a short drive to Beech Hill, where we climbed through blueberry fields to a small cottage at the top and were treated to vast views across the entire region. With stunning views and a soft breeze, it was the perfect place to cool down and sit a while.

Later, when we were home, Jim took us out to grab some lobsters from a local lobsterman and we had a meal of fresh lobster for dinner. Messy, but very very nice. The price is incredible. A dozen cost just under $70. That's just over $5 each. Thanks guys - what a treat!

No, we didn't eat them all, we had one each and the rest will be used over the coming days and sent down south to Jim and Cindy's son Silas with Tyler, (their oldest son) who is visiting.


Lori ann said...

Oh what a gorgeous view. I understand the driving dilema. I had to drive "on the wrong side" once in South Africa. Omg, never again. Everything was reversed, and the car was manual so the shift was on the left and i am right handed. I turned on the windshield wipers everytime i wanted to signal! Once out of the city though it wasn't so bad.
So lucky with all that lobster!

flossy-p said...

Oh, I don't think I could driave on the opposite side, I'd be a nervous wreck. I had to chuckle at you changing gears with the door handle, hehehe.

This is so great. I'm loving this holiday, can't wait to check in each day to see where you've taken us, and what you've been eating!!! :)