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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Niagara Falls... This is a time to look before you leap... or better yet, look & don't leap...


Niagara Falls.
What can I say?

There were lots of tourists, though probably not as many as had it been sunny & warm! Yes, it rained. And the sun didn't make an appearance all day.
And, it was touristy (what do you expect, this place draws nearly 30 million visitors each year, of course it was touristy!)

But you know what? Despite these minor things, it didn't matter.
We had a great day.

We were awestruck what we saw...
From our very first view at the top of the falls, the energy was incredible. It was here we got our first impression about just how much water was going over the falls and the strength of the flow.

Catching the ferry "Maid of the Mist" was a highlight without doubt. It took us right to the base of the falls where we bobbed about in the swirling waters and felt the full force of the wind and spray generated by the millions of litres that cascade 60 meters over the falls every minute. We managed to get prime position on the top front part of the boat and had the best view and also the most drenching of showers!

The falls were totally amazing. From above, from behind and from below... it was... wow... incredible.

It was a great day.

Thanks so much to Sharon & Marie for taking us!


LesleyG said...


flossy-p said...

Hay Lesley said exactly what I was going to... awesome!!!

Lori ann said...

You and your Mum are so lovely enjoying everything on your big adventure. I definetly belive you get out of what you put into, and i believe you are having a wonderful time because you are looking for it.

It's been a loooong time since i've been to niagara falls, but i still remember the thrill!

I leave for NYC tommorrow, wish you were going to be in the city then too.