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Monday, 30 August 2010


Calls to Spirit Air in search of missing luggage, that were never answered or retuned? 33
Cost of one night at dodgiest hotel in Atlantic City - $200+
New grey hairs due to stress in last 24 hours - 94
Tissues required for tears of frustration and exhaustion due to lack of sleep - 3

Cost of taxi to (and from) airport to enquire if bag had shown up (due to them NOT answering calls or responding to messages) - $62

The relief at having been reunited with Mum's luggage?


(now we are off to the beach - also priceless!)
Thank you so much to my USA blogging friend LG who offered her assistance in case we needed it. You are without doubt a shining star (and also priceless!)


Ames said...

Glad to hear all the angst is over, on to bigger and better things! Only 12 more sleeps for me, can't wait!!!

Umatji said...

crumbs! glad that had a happy ending I was getting all panicky as I read!

Red Hen (dette) said...

Thank goodness! fingers crossed that the rest of the trip runs smoothly!