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Monday, 10 January 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary...

50 years ago on January 7th, 1961, my Mum and Dad were married.
Yes, 50 years!
It's been quite a trip.
It's rather a lot to fathom really, but this post hopefully brings it all together nicely...

During their 50 years together they have ...
Lived in 9 homes
Owned 6 cars
Taught at 16 different schools

They have...
had 3 children...
All of them beautiful children I might add - 2 boys and a girl (yours truly)
Changed 1000s of nappies
Soothed millions of tears - many with the aid of mercurachrome and bandaids.
Read more than 3,000 bedtime stories
Attended at least 72 teacher/parent interviews, plus a few "additional" meetings...
Watched and played countless games of sport (mostly golf)
Shared at least 50,000 meals
Sung Happy Birthday at least 250 times to each other or to their children
Created legendary childrens' birthday parties with awesome cakes to match

They have...
attended 8 family weddings (though none of their children have ever married) and welcomed many new members into the extended family...
9 nieces and nephews and
23 great nieces and nephews
and a growing number of great great nieces and nephews.
They have no grandchildren (my Dad told me quite a few years ago he thought they might have to adopt!)

They have...
Laughed at bad jokes (and a few good ones)
And groaned at many really bad ones!
Argued over directions
Solved 10s of thousands of crossword clues
Played 500 games of scrabble with family and friends (with either Mum or Dad winning many of them!)
Written at least 3,000 Christmas cards.

They have...
Cried at funerals, and births, and good-byes,
and watching their kids on Christmas morning.

They have...
Said good-bye to their own parents
and shared grief no parent should have to endure, mourning the loss of their second son.

They have shared joy and sadness and laughter and tears
50 years is a long time afterall.

But, most importantly (in my eyes at least)
they have...
Loved each other and loved and been loved by their family and friends.
They have encouraged their children to live fully and follow the paths they choose
They have taught and inspired 1000s of students
And they have made lifetime friends from all corners of the globe.

In 50 years, that's a lot to be proud of...
Happy Anniversay Mum & Dad.
I love you.


Nikki said...

A wonderful tribute, Cinta. Wishing your parents many more years together.

Red Hen (dette) said...

What a lovely post, it actually bought tears to my eyes!

AnastasiaC said...

such a beautiful heartfelt post and what a gorgeous wedding photo - stunning couple!
all the best on their special day!

MW Knitgirl said...

Beautifully written, Cinta. Their wedding photo is gorgeous enough to be in a wedding magazine, and what a testament they are to a truly wonderful marriage.


emma said...

That was a lovely post Jacinta. Yes I'm feeling rather teary-eyed at your beautiful words. I imagine how I would feel if one of my kids said such emotionally sweet and tender words about US, their Mum and Dad. So selfish I know! And when I see children performing their hearts out..I imagine how unbelievably proud their parents would be. Yours must be so proud of you.

Lyn said...

Finally having a chance to catch up on your entries =) I love nothing better than a hot cup of tea and to read your posts. This one is absolutely beautiful...almost as beautiful as the woman that wrote it! Miss you tons, lotsa love sent your way~ Lyn