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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Flossy love...

Way back last year, in December 2010, I told you the exciting news that I had won a blogger giveaway from one of my fave blogging artists, Flossy-P. I was totally excited, but a little worried, because at that stage I couldn't decide on which of Flossy-P's prints that I wanted (pretty hard when you want them ALL!)

In any case, I finally made my decision (thanks for you patience Flossy-P) and continued on my way through the frantic pre-Christmas phase at work! On Friday (Christmas eve) I arrived down at Point Lonsdale and there was a package of goodies waiting especially for me full of Flossy goodness!


I am totally chuffed. What an amazing collection of goodies. Including the print I selected and so many extras too (many of which were items that made my decision so difficult in the first place)

Dear Flossy,
What a sensational surprise! I have always loved and admired your artwork online and it's even more precious in real life!
I am totally delighted with every single piece. Thank you so much. 
All my very best to you in 2011.
Love to you, 


flossy-p said...

SO glad you like it all!!!

Thanks so much for the appreciation post too, makes it all worth while ;)

Lilli boo said...

Flossy_p is so deserving of an appreciation post and youra derserving winner, look forward to seeing snap shots of flossy's work in your home too :-)

Dees said...

awww I saw this at flossy-p's blog and read how happy you were,and seeing this....aww it all is so lovely:)congrats to you!