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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Red door...

I have had a tin of red paint in my 'works' cupboard for over 3 years now, earmarked for my front door. It's a deep strong red, is oil based (messy) and it's called "red hill"

A few weeks ago, on a warm Saturday I finally, finally managed to paint one coat.

And then I went away. And the door remained a patchy red. Until yesterday.

Coat two made a huge difference to the depth of colour and it's looking pretty good.

And today? The final coat begins.
Yes, that's my weekend folks!
Pretty exciting stuff huh!


Umatji said...

got to love a red door. the house I have lived in that i have loved the most had a red door. I still miss it.

Red Hen (dette) said...

What a great colour! My front door is still boring beige. The exterior of the house had been redone just before I bought it so it really wasn't high on the priority list considering what the rest of it was like when I bought it. But I have been dreaming about repainting the outside and the door especially. I'm jealous of your front door and may be motivated to move mine up on the to do list!

Tim said...

Bodacious door! Feng shui influence or you just like red? The previous owner of our house was a feng shui enthusiast and so we have inherited a red door. It's a keeper.

meli B said...

Perfect choice.

flossy-p said...

Cool door!!! Both the actual door, and the new colour of course! It's amazing what introducing a new colour to an everyday item can do to cheer yourself up :D