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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I used to run a dating agency for chickens, but I was struggling to make hens meet...

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I have a friend who I met through work 10 years ago who I now call Darwin Dave. Because (funnily enough) his name is Dave, and when he moved to Darwin a few years back, I combined the two and since the name had a ring to it, it stuck.

Although he moved all the way to Darwin, we have kept in touch, mostly through the wonders of technology. Skype, facebook, sms and email... interspersed with a rare face to face visit, have allowed us to stay in touch despite the distance.

And he makes me laugh. The title of the post was an sms he sent to me one day. It appeals to my rather silly sense of humour. And the fact he sent it to me during a dull day at work, totally made my day.

We have a similar outlook on many things, and whilst we don't always agree, we are both pretty straight talkers. Even when we don't see eye to eye, I like the fact that he speaks his mind - sometimes with a bluntness that is both shocking and amusing! In any case, he is not precious and I know I can have an opinion and it is unlikely to offend.

Our most recent discussions revolve around his FB profile pic.

I have friends on FB who frequently change their profile pictures. Me? Never. I like it as it is. And I rarely find a pic of myself that I like, so it's likely to stay that way. And besides, I can't be bothered!

Dave however is more adventurous than me and changes his every now and again. For some time his profile pic had been worrying me... in fact I was finding it quite disturbing. I am happy to tell you, it was NOT a pic of him, but some character unknown to me, but every time I looked at it, it made my skin crawl...

So. I let it go for some time, but eventually I had to say something...
OK Dave
You've really gotta change your profile pic.
There. I said it.
It gives me the creeps. Please.

I love the way that I could say that to him and know he wouldn't take it personally.
I also love that within the day, he had changed his profile pic (thanks Dave, I can now sleep without the light on again).
AND I also love the fact that he didn't let me off the hook so easily and followed it up with an explanation as to the character's origins.

Turns out it was Alex* from "A Clockwork Orange" his favourite movie from when he was just 18. He sent me a youtube link to a preview and encouraged me to check it out. Which I did. But to no avail. He still gave me the creeps... but at least I tried.

When I was 18, I told him, it was Back to The Future, hardly as mind blowing and a movie which was somewhat easier watching.

Well, surprise surprise, turns out DD is a BTTF fan too and shared a bit of trivia with me, which I just have to share here.

Did you know...
A lot of the music in the first movie was Huey Lewis and the News.
In the scene where Marty's band was trying out for the school social, the teacher with the megaphone that told them they were too loud, was Huey Lewis. A bit of Spielberg humour.

Most of the scenes in the first movie were at night because Michael J Fox was working on "Family Ties" during the day, and consequently did most of the movie in a state of exhaustion.

And, one last thing (this time my personal trivia)... The day I went to see the movie way back in 1985, was the exact date they travelled to in the movie. For weeks I was convinced they must have changed the date each day the movie showed! Not my brightest moment perhaps, but I still think it was a great idea.

In any case... I love the fact that last night I noticed DD has a pic of the Doc as his profile pic...
Good one Dave.

*I considered posting DD's Clockwork Orange profile pic here so you could see what I mean, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If you look at the youtube link, he's the main guy.


flossy-p said...

Clockwork Orange gave me nightmares for years. I need no reminder of how creepy it is.

I love that you saw BTTF on the date they travelled to!!!! That just plain rocks!

Dees said...

oh yes totally nightmare for me too:(
But must say I loved reading your story on Dave:)))
xoxo Dees