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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A weekend in the country...

The weekend before Christmas I went on a road trip to visit my good friend Malcolm and his wife in their home in Mirboo North. Mal is an ex boyfriend and we are still great friends. I find this is the best way to be with an ex. 

Until this weekend I had only met his wife Marion a few brief times, and I was a little bit nervous about spending a weekend with them both. I needn't have been concerned, the weekend was lovely and it was really nice to get to know Marion better, hang out with them both and meet their menagerie of pets. Elvis the new kitten (totally adorable), Nino the cat (my roommate and the boss), Pixel the very energetic pup/dog (I didn't manage to get a pic that was in focus - she never slows down long enough) and their chickens.

They have bought the old bank in the main street (which is also their home) and are currently setting it up as a gallery and photographic studio. It's a great space and has wonderful light. Importantly, it is also located next door to the local chocolate shop, which of course we had to include in my visit.

We went walking along a railtrail where their dog Pixel roamed widely and introduced herself to a resident echidna. We also hiked up into the bush where we saw fresh re-growth after the bush fires in 2009 and we went to nearby carols by candlelight (where the 3 wise men were missing in action!). So you can see it was a good balance of exploring and relaxing.

When they open up their gallery I will make sure I post about it, so that if you are ever down that way, you know where to find them so you can visit and see Mal's wonderful photography. It's a beautiful place and the studio (and chocolate shop next door) will definitely be worth a visit.


Malcolm Garth said...

Thanks Cinta, it was a pleasure to have you visit...

Red Hen (dette) said...

Looks like you had a lovely time and I quite agree it is good to be friends with your ex if you can. My ex and I married very young and he grew up to be the kind of person I would never be friends with and there was too much hurt in that relationship. But sometimes you are friends who just weren't right for a partnership and then why would you not want to be friends.
I also think it could be a bit dangerous to live next door to a chocolate shop!!!!